Voting Terms and Conditions

Chwilio am Seren / Search for a Star – Junior Eurovision

These terms and conditions apply to individuals who wish to vote in the Chwilio am Seren – Junior Eurovision television programme to be broadcast on S4C on Tuesday 24th September 2019 (the Programme).

Three of the competitors will reach the final stage of the competition and the winner will be decided by a combination of selected panels across Wales and London and viewers’ vote both weighted at 50% each during the Programme on the night.

The three final competitors will perform live on the Programme. During the Programme the presenter will announce the precise time the voting lines will open and close and manner viewers will be able to vote by either telephone or by sending a messages (text / SMS) (there are no other ways of voting):


You will need to vote by typing JE and then the first name of the competitor to the number:


Note that a gap between the prefix and the name of the competitor is required:

For example:

JE Name

The cost of sending a text message is 25 pence plus your network access fee. This cost is in addition to the normal cost of your supplier. You must get the bill payer’s permission before you send your text message.



The numbers below will be linked to the 3 competitors who will move on to the second half of the live program on the night.

Contestant XXXX 09009  510501

Contestant XXXX 09009  510502

Contestant XXXX 09009  510503

The cost of the call will be 25 pence plus your network access charge. The cost may vary between suppliers and will be significantly higher using mobile phones. You must get the bill payer’s permission before you make the call.

Viewers can find out more information about the amount that their mobile operator will charge them by visiting; 

You can phone or text as many times as you wish, but you will be charged for every call or text message.

Please do not try to phone or text before or after the precise time announced in the live broadcast o that the telephone and text lines are open. Your vote will not be counted, and you may have to pay for the phone call or text message.

The qualifying votes will be counted and the competitor who will receive the highest aggregate number of telephone and text votes combined with the regional panels’ scores will win the competition and go on to represent Wales in the Junior Eurovision final competition in Gliwice, Poland on the 24th of November 2019.

If the result of the vote cannot be reasonably determined due to a technical failure or for any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the programme producers or S4C, the programme producers may, at their own discretion, either decide to defer or cancel the vote. If the vote is cancelled, the programme producers at their own discretion may determine the outcome by either one of the following methods:

  1. by taking the results of the scores from the regional panels and announcing the contestant with the highest score to be the overall winner; or
  1. such other method to be determined by the Programme producers in their absolute discretion.

The decision of S4C and Rondo Media will be final in relation to all aspects of this competition.


The telephone voting systems and test messages are being administered by Content Guru on behalf of Rondo Media Ltd, the programme producers. The details of your phone number or text message will not be collected for any purpose other than recording your vote in this competition. You will not receive any further contact from Content Guru, Rondo Media or S4C as a result of taking part in this poll.

Programme promoters / producers: Rondo Media Cyf, Unit 1i, Lon Cae Ffynnon, Cibyn, Caernarfon LL55 2BD

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