Rondo Privacy Policy for “Chwilio am Seren – Junior Eurovision”

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what information Rondo collects from you regarding the competition and S4C television series “Chwilio am Seren – Junior Eurovision”, how and when it may be collected and how it might be used by Rondo.

All the information we collect from you includes information you have shared with us on the application form as well as any further information you may share with us during the competition and the making of the series for S4C.

We want to be very transparent about our use of your information so that you understand how and why we collect and use it and so that you know that you can always trust us with it.

The sole reason we ask for information about you is to enable Rondo to produce the competition and television series for S4C in the most entertaining way and to conform with the contractual obligations involved with producing a series for S4C.   It may therefore be necessary to share some of the information with S4C to satisfy contractual obligations.

Giving your personal information to Rondo does not mean you lose control of it.  We will tell you what information we hold about you if you ask us for it.

Rondo will not sell your information to anyone else.  We will only pass on your information to a different organization (except for S4C as part of this series) with your consent or in the limited circumstances set out in this Privacy Policy.

Rondo will look after your information by storing it securely in our Data Control System on our computers and in other secure forms.

We will hold the information during the production of the series for S4C and will then destroy it.  Contractual obligations may necessitate retaining some elements of the information.

The Law

The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 and 2011 are the principle laws in place in the UK to ensure that your personal information and privacy are protected.

If you’d like to know more about Data Protection generally go to the Information Commissioner’s website at

Under 16s

If you are under the age of 16 please get your parents/guardians permission beforehand whenever you provide personal information to Rondo.

Control of and access to your information

To find out what information Rondo holds about you contact the Rondo Data Protection Officer, Rondo, Floor 9, Southgate House, Cardiff, CF10 1EW.

We will need to see proof of your identity before we provide you with information and may charge an administration fee of £10.

You can ask us to remove your information from Rondo’s systems by contacting the Rondo Data Protection Officer, Rondo, Floor 9, Southgate House, Cardiff, CF10 1EW. Rondo will then remove or anonymise your data as appropriate.


Please go to the Rondo Cookies Policy to find out more about how Rondo uses Cookies and how you can control their use


There are no guarantees about the security of information sent via the Internet but Rondo uses industry standard measures to protect the security of your information.

Changes to this policy

Any changes we make to this policy will be posted on this webpage and, where practicable, you will be notified by email.