Junior Eurovision Cymru 2019 – Online Application Form T&Cs


These terms and conditions relate to all applicants (“Applicants”) wishing to participate in competition provisionally titled “Chwilio am Seren – Junior Eurovision Cymru – Search for a Star” (“the Competition”).

The Competition is a national talent search for an individual or group who will represent Wales at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest final held in Gliwice, Poland on the 24th November 2019.

The Competition is being filmed for a series of television programmes which Rondo Media Cyf (the “Producer”) propose but do not undertake to produce for S4C (“the Series”).

The relevant information provided by Applicants and their parents or guardians in each application may be used in the Series should you be selected to the call-back auditions.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest final will be broadcast across Europe.


Stage Applicants Key Dates Location
Initial Application All Applicants Submit by 5pm 3rd May 2019 Any
Open Auditions All Applicants
  1. Wednesday 24th April 2019 (am)
  2. Wednesday 24th April 2019 (pm)
  3. Thursday 25th April 2019 (1030-1500 approx)
  4. Sunday 5th May 2019 (all day)




Call-back Auditions Applicants successful at Open Auditions only
  1. Saturday 4th May  2019
  2. Monday 6th May 2019


Mentoring stage Up to 20 successful Applicants following Call-back Auditions Saturday 18th May 2019 Location t.b.c.
Junior Eurovision Cymru Semi-finals 12 successful Applicants chosen following Mentoring stage Saturday 29th June 2019 Quadrant Shopping Centre Swansea
Junior Eurovision Cymru Final 6 successful Applicants chosen following Mentoring stage Tuesday 24th September 2019

Rehearsals on Monday 23rd September 2019

(additional staging rehearsals 21/22nd September, to be confirmed)

Junior Eurovision Song Contest Final Winner(s) of Junior Eurovision Cymru proceed to Junior Eurovision Final Junior Eurovision week between Saturday 16th November – Monday 25th November 2019 Gliwice, Poland

Conditions for Participation

In order to participate all Applicants must be of Welsh nationality or have been resident in Wales and must be aged between 9 and 14 on the day of the Junior Eurovision Final (24th November 2019).

It is not compulsory for Applicants to be able to speak Welsh to participate in the Competition. However, those progressing to the Mentoring stage of the process (see below) will be required to perform songs in the Welsh language and the winner of Junior Eurovision Cymru will be required to perform a Welsh language song at the Junior Eurovision Final.

The Applicant / Applicants may be solo performers or a group consisting of a maximum of 6 artists.

All applications must be completed by the Applicant’s parent or guardian.

The Applicants are not eligible to apply to enter this competition if they or their parents or guardians are an employee or a close relation of an employee of S4C, Rondo Media or any parent, subsidiary or associated company.

Applicants may not compete in the Junior Eurovision Final for more than one country in any one year.

Parents or legal guardians on behalf of the Applicants agree to abide by these rules, regulations, terms and conditions for this competition as determined by Rondo (the “Rules”) and acknowledge that the Rules may be changed (including without limitation, verbally) at any time by Rondo in its sole discretion. Rondo’s decisions regarding all elements of the application process, the competition and the Series shall be final and binding.


Applicants wishing to compete are advised to register online and complete the online application form at www.s4c.cymru/junioreurovision .

Applications will be open until 5pm on the 3rd May  2019.

Online applications are not compulsory and Applicants who have not registered may turn up for the audition on the audition days. However, Rondo cannot guarantee that Applicants that have not registered will be given an audition slot.

A copy of the application form can also be requested by emailing chwilioamseren@rondomedia.co.uk or contacting Rondo Media  – 029 2022 3456.

Post: Rondo, 9 Floor, Southgate House, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1EW

Rondo, its agents and sub-contractors do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any online applications, telephone networks, line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any applications not being properly received.

If you are experiencing problems with the online application form, please contact 029 2022 3456, or by email at chwilioamseren@rondomedia.co.uk .

Any applications received after the last open audition date will not be considered.

Applicants are invited to submit a video or audio clip as part of the registration/application process. This will be for the benefit of Rondo for research purposes only and will not be considered as part of the audition process. All Applicants will still be required to attend an open audition.

Initial Open Auditions

Applicants are required to attend at their own cost and expense one of four open auditions:

  1. Carmarthen Open Audition: Wednesday, 24th of April (morning)
  2. Aberystwyth Open Auditions: Wednesday 24th of April (afternoon).
  3. Llandudno Open Audition:  Thursday 25th of April (1030-1500 approx).
  4. Cardiff Open Auditions: Sunday, 5th of May (All day initial auditions)

Applicants must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the audition who shall be responsible for their child’s welfare and conduct throughout the day.

Applicants must prepare a song to perform at audition. Each Applicant shall have freedom to choose whichever song they wish to perform at the audition but please bear in mind the nature of the Eurovision competition when making the choice.

Such song may be in either the Welsh or English language and may include popular contemporary songs.  Please be prepared to sing more than one song if requested.

Applicants should be prepared to perform the song both a cappella (without accompaniment) and with accompaniment. The accompaniment may be either played on piano by our Music Director, in which case sheet music must be provided on the day. The accompaniment may also be a backing track also provided by the applicant on the day on the following formats: CD, mp3, wav file. We may ask for a shortened version of the song, between 1’00 and 2’00 minutes in length, during the audition process.

Applicants shall not be required to be able to speak Welsh to participate in the competition. However, those progressing to the Mentoring stage (see below) of the process will be required to perform songs in the Welsh language and the winner of Junior Eurovision Cymru will be required to perform an original Welsh language song, commissioned by Rondo, at the Junior Eurovision Final in Poland.

Initial auditions will be held for all registered Applicants, (and if time allows, any Applicants who attend unregistered). A shortlist of Applicants will be selected by Rondo’s judging panel to progress to the Call-back Auditions based in Caernarfon and Cardiff.

The initial auditions will be recorded to assist Rondo’s producers to carefully select those who are to progress to the second Call-back audition, such recordings shall not be retained for broadcast or held for other purposes.

Call-back Auditions

Applicants at the Open Auditions will be notified on the day whether they have been successful. Successful Applicants will be invited to attend a call-back audition in front of the panel of Mentors. These second auditions will be held Caernarfon and in Cardiff as noted below. Rondo’s judging panel’s decision on those progressing to the second audition shall be final.

  1. Caernarfon Call-back Audition: Saturday, 4th of May.
  2. Cardiff Call-back Auditions: Monday, 6th of May.

Where Rondo receives an unexpectedly high number of Applicants, Rondo reserves the right to contact Applicants after the Initial Open Auditions to arrange a Call-back Audition on another date.

Applicants invited to the Call-back Auditions may perform the same song as performed in the Initial Audition.

The performances of those selected to perform at the call-back audition in front of the Mentors will be filmed and such performances may be used within the Series, although Rondo does not guarantee to use all performances.

Costs of Auditions

Applicants will be responsible for all costs involved in making an application and auditioning for the Competition, including meals, travel expenses and any other costs.

Mentoring Stage

Following the Call-back Auditions in Caernarfon and Cardiff the Mentors shall select up to 20 successful Applicants to progress to the Mentoring Stage whose journey to the final will be featured within the Series.

At the discretion of the producers some of the mentoring sessions will be conducted under the supervision of licensed chaperones engaged by Rondo to protect the welfare of the Applicants.

The Final 12 will be sent copies of a standard contract and an application for a Child Performance Licence, for their parents or guardian to complete and before the Final 12 participate in the Series. It is a pre-condition to competing and taking part in the Series that the Applicants’ parents/guardians sign the standard contract and licence documents, and return them to Rondo on or before the specified date. Rondo reserves the right to eliminate any selected Applicants from the Series if the appropriate contractual documents are not signed and in place by the dates specified and/or if the Applicant is found not to be eligible to participate in the Series.

Rondo, is required by law to apply for a child’s performance licence from the applicable local authority and the Applicant’s continuing participation is conditional on such licence being granted.

The Final 12 must be available to participate in the remainder of the Series according to the timetable published by Rondo. If the filming dates clash with the Applicant’s other commitments, it is the Applicant’s responsibility to obtain the consent of any other person relevant to his / her absence from previous commitments in order to participate in the Series. If an Applicant is unavailable for any time of the production, Rondo reserves the right to exclude such Applicant from participating in the Series.

The Applicant (s) and parent / guardian must be available on the following dates –

18th May 2019

29th June 2019

21st 22nd 23rd & 24th September 2019

Competition Confidentiality

It is a condition of participating in this competitive process that all Applicants, and, to the extent reasonably possible, their friends and family members, do not publicly reveal the results of the selection stages whether by social media or any other manner until such time as S4C shall have first broadcast the results as part of their coverage. Failure to comply with this condition may, at the producer’s sole discretion, lead to the disqualification of the Applicant from the series.

Junior Eurovision Cymru Final

Of the Final 12, a shortlist of approximately 6 individuals/groups will be chosen by the Mentors to advance to the Junior Eurovision Cymru final. Rondo will contact the successful Applicants to inform them of their advancement at each stage.

The winner(s) of Junior Eurovision Cymru will be chosen during the final by a combination of a panel of industry experts and an audience vote.

The winner’s parent or guardian will be required to support an application for an international child performance licence to enable the winner to participate in the Junior Eurovision Final in Gliwice, Poland and sign a further contract agreeing to Junior Eurovision Song Contest’s terms and conditions.

In the event of any dispute involving the competition, the result, or any other aspect of the Series, Rondo’s decision will be final.

The winning Applicant(s) and their parents/guardians must be available on the following dates to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Poland:

16th – 25th November 2019 – week in Poland.

The winning Applicant(s) and their parents/guardians must hold a valid passport that has at least [6] months validity without any restrictions on the right to travel to Poland.

Costs of Mentoring Stage to the Final Rondo will provide hotel accommodation as necessary and pay all reasonable cost and expenses of those successful Applicants and a parent or guardian who progress to the Mentoring Stage, the Junior Eurovision Cymru final and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Final. Further details will be made available to Applicants progressing to the respective stages.

General Terms

All personal details and/or information given in your application either in this form or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading.

The parent / guardian must inform Rondo of any allergies or intolerances that the Applicant may suffer from.   They must also make Rondo aware of any medication, and its administration that the Applicant brings with them to sessions.   Some medication may need to be held by the licenced chaperone.

Rondo reserves the right to disqualify any Applicant if the parent or guardian has supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information or have failed to abide by the Rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof.

The parent or guardian shall not, (and shall ensure that the Applicants shall not), without Rondo’s prior written consent disclose, publish or discuss with any third party any information relating to the Series, the Applicant’s appearance in the Series, the production team or any participants in the Series nor any other information which may come to the Applicant’s or their parent or guardian’s attention including, without limitation in relation to S4C, Rondo or otherwise save where such information is already in the public domain.

Rondo reserves the right to amend these rules or to cancel, modify or amend the audition process, the Mentoring Programme or any other part of the production of the Series at any time as a result of incidents beyond its control.

Rondo and S4C exclude any liability to the full extent permitted by law for any loss, damage, injury or disappointment suffered by any Applicant or their parents or guardian arising from the fact that they have been involved in the Series,

Please contact Rondo Media with any queries by telephoning 02920 223456 or e-mailing chwilioamseren@rondomedia.co.uk .

In order to comply with GDPR, all information held on the application form is stored on a secure area within Rondo’s IT server, and is only accessible to authorised personnel.   For futher details, please see our “Privacy Policy” at www.rondomedia.co.uk  .

In the interest of Safeguarding, all Applicants will be addressed by their first or chosen names only, for the duration of the Series.

Agreement / Consent

The Applicant’s parent or guardian hereby warrants that the Applicant has/have the right to be in the UK, perform and participate in the entire Series, including travelling to Gliwice, Poland to participate in the Junior Eurovision Final and are able to demonstrate such right on request by Rondo at any time and the parent or guardian agree to notify Rondo immediately of any change in the Applicant’s immigration status.

In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Series, the parent or guardian on behalf of the Applicant hereby irrevocably grant all consents necessary for Rondo to film and record the Applicant’s performance(s) and to use the recordings featuring the Applicant’s image and/or voice in connection with the Series and/or ancillary rights in the Series and to exploit the same in all media throughout the world in perpetuity without payment becoming due.